MOTOBARN is a collector motorcycle live auction designed to give the buyer and seller an honest platform to share the enthusiasm and passion for all types of motorcycles. It’s the place to sell your ride and find your next one. We select motorcycles that are collectable, rare, interesting and generally fuel our passion for the motorcycle community.


To submit a motorcycle, send us your pictures and full description, including your history with the bike, condition, modifications and your reserve price.  If we accept your bike, we will write an honest description of your bike, approved by you, and begin the process. You pay $99 via credit card to MOTOBARN. Your auction gets scheduled and goes live. Auctions typically run for 14 days. We require that you not sell the motorcycle privately before the auction ends.


To register to bid on MOTORBARN, create your account, then log in and bid on you next ride.


Winning bidder will be charged 5% of the auction winning bid paid to MOTOBARN. We will then exchange contact information for the buyer and seller, so that they can complete the transaction and arrange for shipping or pick up.

For submissions please drop us an email with your motorcycle details and pictures to